Lindsey Graham Recklessly Chooses Violence

Former President you-know-who took troves of classified and top-secret documents from the White House after losing to Joe Biden and placed them, not stored in a secure location, but at Mar-A-Lago — a country club. This was almost two years ago.

Let me repeat that. A former president took classified and top-secret documents that are supposed to be securely stored in the national archives… and kept them at his country club — a place where there are all kinds of foot traffic from members, employees, and as recent as last month, a Russian woman who pretended to be a relative of the wealthy Rothchild family.

They were not cooperative when the current administration asked for those documents back, in fact, they BS’d and lied about them over the last year or so until the FBI said, “f**k it”, we’re gonna raid your country club and this is where it gets scary.

During that lawful search and seizure, they found boxes of documents in the former president’s desk in some office, and/or a closet or something.

So, think about that for a minute: theoretically, a spy or some other bad actor could get compromising American secrets in the same location as ink pens and staplers.

Does that make sense to you at all? The only barrier separating a foreign enemy or a bad actor from potentially getting access to documents disclosing names and locations of American agents, allies, and secrets that keep us all safe is furniture and hardware.

What I wanna get to is a comment South Carolina Senator Lyndsey Graham made in response to this seizure of classified documents that sounded to be easily accessible to a janitor or any toddler that has learned to turn a door knob or pull a desk drawer open.

To set this up, there has been heavy discussion by legal pundits and experts all saying that the former president and potentially his lawyers can be indicted on charges for illegally removing the documents and lying about returning them all to the government.

Graham said, “If there’s a prosecution of Donald Trump for mishandling classified information after the Clinton debacle…, there’ll be riots in the streets.”

For the record, this is a dumb false equivalency in drawing a comparison of Hillary Clinton’s emails, to a man that stole a bunch of classified documents while he was out of office.

We must agree that this is an insanely stupid, dangerous, and irresponsible comment to make by a political leader given the political violence we’ve had in the last couple of years.

Many GOP figures like Ted Cruz, Rudy Giuliani, the former president, and other right-wing ghouls made comments like this which led to the insurrection on January 6 at the capitol.

People died and were severely injured and many are still being prosecuted and imprisoned because of this insanity.

I find a few things about Lyndsay Graham’s statement interesting.

One, here is another man with no semblance of physical prowess who is dog whistling for citizens about what he is not gonna do. What I’m talking about is people potentially inciting and/or using violence as a tool for political intimidation. I mean look at him. I know he is an elderly man, but do you think there was ever a moment in history where somebody fearfully said, “Oh s**t! There’s Lyndsay Graham! Let’s run!”?

And that’s the thing. If violence does result from this dog whistling, it will be average citizens who probably don’t have the financial resources, political connections, and influence to keep themselves out of jail — just like those idiots who stormed the capitol on January 6. They will be incarcerated or as we have seen in the case of the man that saw it fit to attack the Cincinnati FBI office last month in August, they can be stopped with deadly force.

That’s what guys like Lyndsay Graham and the former President do. They get people riled up to do their bidding and it is the average citizen who becomes the pawn that pays the consequences.

From the looks of it, there may be a deeper reason why Lyndsay Graham may be trying to incite a violent distraction through the media.

If you recall, Georgia District Attorney Fanni Willis’ office is conducting a probe into election meddling by the former president. You know, the audio recording where he was openly asking Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to, “… find me eleven thousand votes” where he was outright asking for an illegal count to give him the electoral votes for the state of Georgia versus the legitimate win by then-candidate Joe Biden. But there’s more.

After the votes were tallied after the election in November of 2020 where Joe Biden did win, Linday Graham made at least one phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger where I believe he was trying to nudge Raffensperger and his staff to interfere with the collected votes where the former president could win.

He’s been ordered to testify before a grand jury in Georgia, but honestly, I don’t know how this will pan out because the judge has limited the scope of what Graham can be asked.

What I like about this is that Fanni Willis is unrelenting and on Trump and Graham’s asses. They seem guilty as hell to me and I hope for the good of the people, they are found guilty.

We’ve seen this before.

Graham is one of many politicians that openly spoke on how corrupt and disgusting of a human being the former president was and the minute he won the 2016 presidency, they all bent a knee and have been kissing his ass ever since.

And because their involvement in questionable if not illegal acts and the flames of justice have been turned up, they call on American citizens to stoke more hatred and violence to relieve pressure in a circumstance that they created. These could again be cases where innocent civilians or law enforcement are blindsided by violence all because corrupt politicians are covering their asses.

Imani Kaliid is a Los Angeles native, host of “Survivor Stories: From Pain to Power” (Roku TV, Amazon Fire), author of “There Was Violence” and advocate for victims of violent trauma. Follow him on Twitter: @SurvivorImaniK



Author of “There Was Violence”, Host of “Survivor Stories: From Pain to Power”, survivor and advocate for victims of violent trauma.

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Imani Kaliid

Author of “There Was Violence”, Host of “Survivor Stories: From Pain to Power”, survivor and advocate for victims of violent trauma.