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Herschel Walker: Too Incompetent, Too Dangerous

There are some things that you just don’t do like hire thieves to work in banks, drug addicts to work in pharmacies, or have sex offenders in the presence of children.

Following that rationale, it is mind-blowing that a man like Hershel Walker — a guy who has a history of violence against women, making threats with guns, and openly musing over bullets tearing through human bodies is a candidate for political office.

The worst part about this is the guy is just not very smart… at all. This is not a “diss”. It’s a statement of fact. I don’t know why he’s so intellectually mushy. Maybe education failed him. Maybe he sustained some injuries during his football career that impacted him. Maybe it’s a combination of the two.

My concern for the people of Georgia is that during a time in our country where there is escalating violence, hostility, and division, Herschel Walker is the man the GOP has put forth as the leader to replace Reverend Raphael Warnock.

Why is this a good idea? Why should the guy that allegedly held a gun to his wife’s head, the guy that believes that our “good air” can theoretically float away to China, the guy that is on camera saying that he has a machine that can cure COVID, which he has not unveiled or cured anyone one with, the guy that lied about being in the FBI, lied about graduating from college with honors. Yeah, that guy.

This is the guy that will be entrusted as a good decision maker, the voice of reason, and to look after the welfare and best interest of people in the state of Georgia.

A lot of what he says and does is funny, but Hershel Walker holding office is dangerous. I try to steer away from politics on this platform unless it is necessary and this is one of those cases.

For the people of Georgia, this is a huge issue of character and competence. Any person with a checkered history of abuse particularly with firearms, threats of murder, and other forms of intimidation is astronomically problematic.

Oh, and by the way — he’s not very smart. He is wildly unqualified for that position. What I suspect would happen instead is that the people of Georgia wouldn’t only be vulnerable to his poor decision-making, but more like those in the background who enable him and those that are in his ear planting ideas and policy that he doesn’t own nor understand.

This is consistent with the GOP.

On a semi-related note, here’s another example of people that should not hold public office.

Kristina Karamo is the republican nominee running for Secretary of State in Michigan. According to CNBC, when her now ex-husband Adom Karamo filed for divorce, his motion alleges that Kristina was “…committed to an institution for evaluation due to her efforts at self-harm and suicide.”

The same article also mentions that in his divorce filing, Kristina Karamo once said, “F — — it, I’ll kill us all,” as she tried to grab the steering wheel and “crash” a car driven by her husband, and carrying their two teenagers, Adom wrote in the filing.

Do you know who endorsed Kristina Karamo as the republican nominee for Secretary of State in Michigan? The former guy.

Do you know who endorsed Hershel Walker as the republican nominee for Senator in the state of Georgia? The former guy.

I was not anywhere near Hershel Walker when all these allegations were made nor was I anywhere near Kristina Karamo when her allegations were made. I do not know either of these individuals.

The fact that the former president — the same guy that advocated for law enforcement to abuse suspects, batter protestors in his rallies, call for the January 6th insurrection, and more recently, implied that he can “lower the temperature” to the violent chatter with the investigation being dropped against him for stealing secret documents all line-up.

A violent, corrupt, and emotionally unbalanced guy is endorsing other people who appear to be cut from the same cloth. I do not know this for a fact, but it all seems to line up.

We have seen what happens when idiots like Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Green get power and platforms where they can spread division and violent rhetoric.

You must have an imagination of the damage that can come forth from a man who is entrusted with great responsibility yet lacks character and the restraint to keep violent tendencies in check.

Many stress the importance of having the right representation at tables where decisions are being made. We are in an era where it seems that we are barely hanging on to democracy and containing the growing threat of violence. These are not so much my words. This is what our national intelligence agencies are saying.

Why would anybody expect a man who not only tells the dumbest, easily verifiable lies and has a history of troubling violence to be a steward for leadership, peace, and reason? What that tells me is that you can expect a continued erosion of justice in the state of Georgia. You can expect an erosion of safety for Georgia citizens. You can expect an expanded agenda from racist people that do not have the best interest of Georgian citizens, particularly people of color.

Georgia leadership at the state level is already making it very difficult for people to have reasonable access to vote. Their leadership in some parts is already creating a larger environment where corruption and violence can persist. Why would anyone think that Hershel Walker will be an agent for positive, non-violent change?

Look, I don’t know what happened to Herschel Walker in the past where this grown man tells these ridiculous lies, says the dumbest s**t imaginable, and has this troubling violent past. He should be able to make a living doing something, but not as a U.S. Senator.

Imani Kaliid is a Los Angeles native, host of “Survivor Stories: From Pain to Power” (Roku TV, Amazon Fire), author of “There Was Violence” and advocate for victims of violent trauma. Follow him on Twitter: @SurvivorImaniK



Imani Kaliid

Author of “There Was Violence”, Host of “Survivor Stories: From Pain to Power”, survivor and advocate for victims of violent trauma.